Traveling To Nature

When we are alienated from nature to the point that we are rapidly destroying it – the plants, soils, insects, birds, and animals – walking through nature can seem like entering another country. And going to another country can be difficult. The language , sights, sounds, and dress are foreign, strange, and unfamiliar. But entering […]

About Surrealism and Tonalism

Surrealism I’ve admired the Surrealism movement of the 1920’s and thirties, not for its cynical shock value, but for its core idea that juxtaposition can alter our perceptions and create new visual experiences and thoughts. The Surrealism movement had quickly burned itself out, not because its core idea was empty, but it seemed to me […]

The Last Day of Summer

This summer of 2018 we had several stretches of 90 degree days. Temperatures somehow make it into a photo – trees and plants look bedraggled and unhappy,   even the air itself trying to vanish and say little. So we felt compelled to wait for more evocative air. Our shot was to be the beautiful […]

Boardwalk Inspiration

I was very interested in doing a vertical panorama and a boardwalk at Pierce Cedar Creek seemed to be an ideal subject. I was inspired by a vertical scroll painting at the University of Michigan Museum of art, Plum Blossoms in Snow, by Asian artists Chang Ku-nien and Chen Shu-chen and thought it was was exquisite. There […]