New Page of Tree Photos Added

A few of our many, many tree photos can be found here. We seem to find ourselves in the forests of Michigan often, particularly those near Lake Michigan. Here’s one more, with a hint of Lake Michigan, at the right edge. I can almost smell the lake air when I see this picture.

Photo Exhibit at Pierce Cedar Creek Opened on 12/15/2019

The exhibit ended on 2/28/20. All of the prints that were in the exhibit can be seen here on this site. Many of these prints will soon be for sale on Etsy, and on this site. All of them are printed by us in our studio. We do not outsource our prints, as we feel […]

Bob on the Four Seasons Cedar Creek Photography Project

It is interesting how one thing leads to another, usually in an unpredictable manner. As an example, two summers ago I was nursing a very sore knee, while my wife, son, and his family were walking one of the Pierce Cedar Creek trails. I was in the parking lot, sitting on the door sill of […]

Boardwalk at Pierce Cedar Creek

Mary had a very specific idea about a boardwalk picture at Cedar Creek. When she has an idea this specific, I know that what I need to do is to listen carefully and to make sure the camera settings and the Photoshop work is contributing fully to the realization of her idea. The late afternoon […]