I was very interested in doing a vertical panorama and a boardwalk at Pierce Cedar Creek seemed to be an ideal subject. I was inspired by a vertical scroll painting at the University of Michigan Museum of art, Plum Blossoms in Snow, by Asian artists Chang Ku-nien and Chen Shu-chen and thought it was was exquisite. There is something so dramatic about their use of the vertical which engages  physical movement of the viewer and tells a story. Here is the painting and text description from the U of M Museum of art:

Plum Blossoms in Snaw
Plum Blossoms in Snow museum tag image

We went out around 6PM on a sunny day to find a long piece of boardwalk. We found a somewhat long but uneventful stretch and I tried to wring out something interesting with a few photos. However, any drama would have to come from Bob in post processing. (Bigfoot anyone?)

Bob suggested another boardwalk on another trail and we soon turned a corner to find a beautiful long boardwalk with the sun at the end spilling down the boards. It seemed like a gift — we took several sets at different settings to make sure we like our interpretation of what we saw. The result is below:

Boardwalk Vertical Panorama
Boardwalk Looking West